Welcome to the Castro Valley Track Club

Dear Parents and Athletes,

The following reflects Castro Valley Track Club’s inspirations and expectations for upcoming 2015 Cross Country Season.




We believe cross-country should provide a fun, safe and competitive environment for each athlete to excel to his or her full potential.  Accordingly ….


CVTC Membership is open to athletes ages 6 to 18.  However, in order to ensure a safe environment for all our athletes, we require each new athlete wishing to join the team to tryout and, at a minimum, to be able to run an 8 minute mile.. 

CVTC believes it is important for our young athletes to maintain balanced lives, leaving time for academics, rest, family and other activities important to each individual, and limit their time to one competitive sport per season (plus your school cross country or track team).  Accordingly, athletes participating in another competitive sports team may not join CVTC for cross-country until they have completed their season with the other competitive sports team. (But this does not apply to your school cross-country or track team.)


In line with our Team Mottos, athletes are expected to regularly attend practices and meets.   “Excused” absences from CVTC practices and meets include attendance at practices or meets for middle-school cross-country teams, health concerns or academic reasons.  Athletes who participate in other non-competitive (i.e. recreational) teams may join the CVTC cross-country team provided such participation does not result in missed CVTC practices or meets.  Our young athletes (8 and under) are expected to attend at least three practices per week. 

Weekday practices generally run, 90 minutes from 5:00-6:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  Practice times will move earlier as daylight hours decrease, and throughout November and December, may be 4:00-5:00 p.m. 

Athletes can join at any point in our season. Our program is year round. Please see the JOIN page for a letter and forms for joining and for information about practices and meets and costs.

Email Coach Jim Phillips at mail@jamesjphillips.com for the current times, days, and location, of practices, as well as the cost to join.

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